AMERICAN HERO Onesie (White)

In 1777, a 16-year-old American patriot named Sybil Ludington rode 40-miles (twice as far as Paul Revere) through the night on horseback – in a dress – to alert her father’s men and rally troops to fight the British in what would become the battle at Danbury. Because of her bravery, the regiment was gathered by daybreak to fight the British. Following the battle, George Washington went to the Ludington home to personally thank her for her heroic act.

Although Sybil Ludington (April 5, 1761 – February 26, 1839) never gained the widespread fame that Paul Revere did in American history, there is a statue of her by Lake Gleneida in Carmel, NY and historical markers tracing her route through Putnam County.

Made of 100% fine ring-spun combed cotton, this rib knit onesie features a comfortable stretch with excellent durability through repeated washings.

  3-6 m 6-12 m 12-18 m
Weight (lbs.) 7-15 lbs. 16-22 lbs. 23-27 lbs.
Chest (inches) 14 16 18
Length (inches) 17-24 25-28 29-31

Category: Infant

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