FEARLESS Women's Racerback

When Ida B. Wells was 22, she was asked by a conductor of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad company to give up her seat on the train to a white man.

She refused.

This was in 1884 - about 70 years before Rosa Parks would refuse to give up her seat on an Alabama bus.

Wells’ life was full of such moments of courage and principle.

Born into slavery in 1862, Wells was a vocal civil rights activist, suffragist and journalist who dedicated her life to fighting inequality. She was a fierce opponent of segregation and wrote prolifically on the civil injustices she witnessed.

Ida B. Wells (1862-1931) was a fearless and uncompromising woman.

This stylish racerback tank is made from premium tri-blend fabric and has a lightweight, flowy fit. 

  Fits Sizes
S 2-4
M 6-8
L 8-10
XL 10-14

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