ORGANIZE Women's Flowy Muscle

“Organize, agitate, educate must be our war cry.”

Susan B. Anthony (1820 – 1906) was an American social reformer and crusader for the women’s suffrage movement. A skilled political strategist, Antony was tireless in her efforts, giving speeches around the country to convince others to support a woman’s right to vote.

In 1872, Anthony illegally cast her vote in the presidential election. Two weeks later she was arrested, and the following year found guilty of illegal voting. She was fined $100 (which she insisted she would not pay).

True to her word, she never paid the fine.

It would take another 50 years until the 19th Amendment would grant women the right to vote. As a final tribute to Anthony, the 19th Amendment was named the Susan B. Anthony Amendment. It was ratified in 1920.

This flowy version of the muscle tee is a must-have style designed with exceptionally soft fabric.

  Fits Sizes
S 2-4
M 6-10
L 10-14
XL 14-18


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