TITLE IX Onesie (White)

Bernice Sandler (1928-2019), considered the “godmother of Title IX,” devoted decades of her life to documenting, analyzing and stopping the forms of discrimination that held women back academically and professionally in educational settings. Her work led to the passage of Title IX in 1972 – the landmark legislation that banned sex discrimination in federally funded educational institutions.

"I was extraordinarily naive; I believed that if we passed Title IX it would only take a year or two for all the inequities based on sex to be eliminated. After two years, I upped my estimate to five years, then to 10, then to 25, until I finally realized that we were trying to change very strong patterns of behavior and belief, and that changes would take more than my lifetime to accomplish."

Made of 100% fine ring-spun combed cotton, this rib knit onesie features a comfortable stretch with excellent durability through repeated washings.

  3-6 m 6-12 m 12-18 m
Weight (lbs.) 7-15 lbs. 16-22 lbs. 23-27 lbs.
Chest (inches) 14 16 18
Length (inches) 17-24 25-28 29-31

Category: HERstorical, Infant

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